We typically want the company website to attract and engage more prospects, generate more leads, better support the company brand or raise awareness.

1. We can generate more leads.

This is arguably the most popular goal for business websites and this is our main purpose. This goal is best for companies which needs leads and traffic withour any hesitation. To measure volume, we use our community edition and guide the users for accurate serach results.

2. Improve Productivity

This measures the ability of a website to capture information of a visitor and convert them into a prospect (measured as a percentage of website visitors who become prospects). This goal is good for companies that want to focus on the website’s ability to convert and is a great goal to set for inbound (content) marketing campaigns. This goal can also help measure changes in the quality of traffic. For this type of goal, it is crucial to know your website’s current conversion rate. This way, you can determine a realistic percentage increase. Example: Increase the website’s conversion rate by 5% (with the same amount of traffic).

3. Increase Awareness

This goal lends to measuring how effective your website is in educating users about your new products or services when you are not necessarily “selling” online. This works well for websites that serve an informational purpose but don’t necessarily need to generate leads or capture information, such as: micro-sites for new product launches, political and government websites or non-profit websites dedicated to raising awareness around a certain cause.